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Tanya Walter

Team Canada Tackle Football 

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Tanya's Story

My love for physical activity and sports started as a young girl chasing cows on my family farm. As far back as I can remember I have always loved the feeling of moving my body and working hard, so when I finally entered the real world (off the farm and into school) my parents signed me up for the first “sport” available to a 6 year old, dance!


I danced competitively throughout elementary school, and continued until my grade 11 year - jazz, tap, ballet, hip-hop, lyrical, contemporary, all of it. Once I hit junior high I played every sport I had access to, but my first true love was basketball.  I continued to take every sport opportunity I could until grade 12, which is where my years as an athlete came to an end (or so I thought). One common theme that was constantly echoed throughout my high school athletic career was being too aggressive, too passionate and too vocal, which ultimately ended up being a barrier to me playing basketball at the next level. 


After highschool I carried my love for physical activity and sports into my career, and became a personal trainer and performance coach. This eventually led me to playing tackle football.


I started playing with the WWCFL’s Edmonton Storm in 2013. Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to represent both Team Alberta (2016) and Team Canada (2017) and have put a huge focus on growing the sport along the way. Football completely changed my life and created a space where being too aggressive, too passionate and too vocal was no longer a problem, in fact it was applauded. I felt like I had finally found my people.


Playing a male-dominated sport can be incredibly intimidating, so I know first hand how important it is to have people in your corner. As a young girl I couldn't have imagined I would be playing tackle football and working in sports as an adult. I am looking forward to the opportunity to instill the belief and confidence that I craved and needed as a young girl to as many females as I can.

Check out the interview we did with Tanya! 


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