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Every girl deservers a role model

Remember that person you had aspired to be? Who motivated you to attain the unattainable? Unfortunately, not everyone has these types of role models, especially girls in sports. This page is here to connect professional athletes, from all sports, to girls who are looking for advice, inspiration or someone just to talk to. 

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The current sports that our mentors are in are hockey, olympic weight lifting, volleyball, track and field, speed skating, rugby, skeleton, tackle football, lacrosse soccer and basketball. Some more sports to come this summer is field hockey and softball.

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Once a month we will be doing panel sessions with two of our mentors. Before the panel, submit any question you might have for our mentors using the form below and a we will ask it on the panel. You can ask the mentor anything you would like about their journey or sports.

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Meet The Mentors


Marisa Field

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  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn

Professional Athlete | Team Canada Volleyball Player | International Volleyball Player


Megan Bieraugle

  • Instagram

Concordia University Volleyball Player | Division 1 British Universities and Colleges Sports (BUCS)


Connie Kuang

  • Instagram

Olympic Weight Lifter | Former Volleyball Player


Abigail Johnson

  • Instagram

NCAA Track & Field | Cross Country


Hanna Bunton

  • Instagram

PWHPA (Formerly WNHL) Hockey Player


Grace Dafoe

  • Instagram

Canadian National Skeleton Team 


Keyara Wardley

  • Instagram

Team Canada Rugby Player


Miranda Badovinac

  • Instagram

University of Toronto Soccer Player | USport | NCAA D-1


Isabelle Carrier

  • Instagram

Team Quebec Speed Skating


Emily Guest

  • Instagram

OCAA Hockey Player


Jenessa Fournier

  • Instagram

ACAC Red Deer College Hockey Player


Lauren Kroetsch

  • Instagram

ACAC King's University Volleyball Player


Tanya Walter

  • Instagram

Team Canada Tackle Football Player


Lauren Taal

  • Instagram

University of Lethbridge Basketball Player | International Basketball Player


Boglarka Ori

  • Instagram

University Soccer Player | Abu Dhabi & England

Ringette shot.jpg

Michelle Gaudet

  • Instagram

Ringette Player

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