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Megan Bieraugle

Concordia University Volleyball Player | Division 1 British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS)

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Megan's Story

I grew up in Spruce Grove Alberta, coming from a multi-sport household. When I was very young, I played a menagerie of sports, which included taking dance lessons, skating lessons, swimming lessons, among others. I never really found my niche until I reached junior high, when I started playing volleyball and soccer. Soccer immediately took the backseat as a hobby rather than a true passion, and I put all of my efforts into volleyball and school. Though soccer became my secondary sport, I continued playing throughout my years of high school, university, and even today. Even as school and volleyball became more demanding, I still managed to find time to “just do something fun” a few nights a week. Managing this work-life balance that I was building became very important to me, and it remains so today.


From Grades 7-12 I played club volleyball both in Spruce Grove and Edmonton. In my U18 season of volleyball, I was scouted to play volleyball at the post-secondary level for Concordia University of Edmonton (ACAC). I played for Concordia for four years and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science. This point was what I thought was the end of my volleyball career. I had my last home game “graduation” and that was the end. 


However, in 2019 I was presented with an additional opportunity to play volleyball. I had moved to Sheffield, England to pursue a Master of Science in Environmental Archaeology and Palaeoeconomy at the University of Sheffield, where I was able to play volleyball for the University as well. We competed in Division 1 of the British Universities and Colleges Sport (BUCS) league, where we finished 7th in the UK. 


As I now work to complete my PhD in Zooarchaeology, my volleyball ‘career’ lives on, but in the form of coaching. I have coached with the St. Albert and Sturgeon (SAS) volleyball club for four years now, and I plan on continuing to do so for the foreseeable future. 


Though mentorship, I hope to extend as many opportunities and as much wisdom as I can to girls around Alberta. Having goals and dreams is one thing but pursuing them is another thing entirely. I hope that all girls may be able to pursue and exceed their goals, both in sport and in life. 


Do you find that you can relate to her story? Do you have any questions or wish to talk to Jevlynn for some advice? This is the place for you!


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