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Advocacy to Action.

Podcasts featuring the founder and CEO Dia Syed

 "Making the Play" Podcast by Dave Briglio 

Sport Philanthropy Network Podcast hosted by Roy Kessel

"FaceFirst Podcast" by KidSport Calgary 

 Note from the Owner & Founder
Dia Syed


I think the key to being an effective change-maker is the motivation to do everything you possibly can to set girls up to be successful in all aspects of their life. The next generation will always be the key to the future success of our nation. It’s our responsibility to set them up with the proper skills to navigate this changing world. My vision is to help grow girls' confidence to be change makers and barrier breakers of the future through physical activity and sport. I believe this will help them become well rounded so they can participate in any type of physical activity and bring life long success in whatever future career they decide to pursue. I want to be able to give girls the knowledge and confidence that they need to carry on into adulthood in order to engage in a healthy and active lifestyle. 


 The community support has been overwhelming and I’m excited to see where this goes next!

If you want to learn more about me, click the button below to access my LinkedIn profile.

Thanks to the incredible women and their success in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics, we had an opportunity to share our message on CTV Edmonton! 

Girls need sports. Period.

Girls in a Sports Practice

Girls In Sport AB's vision is to help grow girls' confidence to be change makers and barrier breakers of the future through physical activity and sport 


Girls In Sport AB will do this by providing strategies to increase girls confidence in their physical and mental ability through sport and physical activity while enjoying the benefit of staying active for life. Through local research and collaboration with other experts in the field Girls in Sport AB intends to increase girls participation in competitive, recreational and lifestyle sport.


#ElleBouge #SheMoves


La campagne de sensibilisation #ElleBouge a pour objectif de sensibiliser les femmes à l’activité physique et ses bienfaits. 


The #SheMoves awareness campaign aims to make women aware of physical activity and its benefits.

N'oubliez pas de bouger et partagez #ElleBouge!


Do not forget to move and share #SheMoves!

Girls Sport Participation Research

444 people completed the survey

92 people spoke up in an interview


Now Albertans want change.

That's what we do.

Stay tuned for the final report.

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Girls Doing Push-Ups


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Dia worked with my very talented Girls futbol team and she manages the discussion with great compassion, passion, empathy and desire for the female futbolers to succeed. My daughter enjoys her sessions on confidence building and goal setting. We look forward to a long lasting relationship with Girls In Sports AB to help develop and promote these strong female leaders of tomorrow. I am honored to have her in our corner to see our team prosper. Thanks Dia.


Dia tailored her presentation to our timeframe and engaged our team in an interactive discussion. We were able to see what we as individuals can do at home to increase girls’ participation in sports and how, as a corporate team, can work to improve the visibility of sports for girls.

Community is made up of individuals. Dia showed us how, by bolstering the self-confidence of girls through sport, we can make a real difference for everyone.

Jen Goeres, Founder of WordPLAY Consulting

Dia is a passionate leader in Alberta when the rate of girls participating in sport is steadily declining, she has created innovative opportunities to connect girls with mentors across Canada, built programs that seek to increase self-confidence and self-esteem and provided ongoing support to coaches in delivering quality sport programming. WordPLAY Consulting Inc. is excited to be working with her to bring even more of ideas to life!